Birth of a Series

Client HBO Situation:

HBOHBO was premiering its acclaimed miniseries “John Adams” in Philadelphia. The assignment: pack the red carpet at the National Constitution Center.


We opened up our Blackberries, did some digging to find new contacts and went to work making sure the red carpet was standing room only.


More than 25 media outlets filled the Center, resulting in an overwhelming amount of exposure for the miniseries and HBO. Photos of director Tom Hanks and star Paul Giamatti were hard to miss in the days following the event. Appearances on Fox Good Day and 10! were just part of the media mix which included The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia Magazine, all major television affiliates,, Philly Chit Chat,, and Daily Pennsylvanian TV.

HBO was so pleased a rerun was staged when we were asked to execute a similar program for the premiere of “The Black List: Volume 1,” resulting in significant Philadelphia-area “ink” praising the powerful documentary.

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